Sunday, January 20, 2008

Expanding this Blog

When I started this blog, I told several of the elders at my church (Lakeside Community Chapel, Clearwater, FL) that my desire was that they would also write articles to post on the blog on a semi-regular basis. Thus, the blog could become a means by which church members, friends, and others could read articles that express the views of the elders on doctrinal and ministry issues, as well as issues facing the American evangelical church.

That desire has come to fruition, and in the future, you will periodically see articles posted here by other men with whom I serve as an elder at LCC. This will provide others an opportunity to gain an understanding of the perspective of the men who shepherd the flock at LCC, and will provide more opportunities for interaction on a wider variety of subjects so that readers gain a better understanding of the approach to ministry and the teaching of the Word which takes place at LCC.

I hope you'll keep reading and will refer others to the blog. Our goal is to reach more people with articles on important biblical matters. So stop by, read an article or two, and post a reply!

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