Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our First Anniversary

By Bruce Mills

A milestone has been achieved! The Inverted Planet blog is now one year old. It was on September 19, 2007 that I threw out my first posting, followed by several more in rapid succession so there would be something to read for those who found their way to it. Since then, 62 postings (including this one) have found their way into the cyber world through this website. Along the way, I picked up another contributor, Robert Fraire, another of the elders at my church, and I hope to someday get one or two more regular contributors to join us.

We aren't nearly as big, wise, important, or as well read as blogs such as Pyromaniacs, Triablogue, or, but in one year, without any significant promotion, advertising, or effort to get our name beyond some of the folks at our church and our own circle of friends, we have had over 3,100 hits on our blog. Admittedly, some of those are our own, as we go to the site to check and see what (if any) comments have been made. We certainly have a long way to go before we get to the 2.1 million hits that the Pyromaniacs have had in less than three years. It would probably help if I invested in PhotoShop and learned how to use it. It would really spark up the appearance. But I simply don't have the time or money to do that. So for the time being, we will have to get by with our rather plain looking site, and hope that the articles we post there are interesting and stimulating for our readers. I am encouraged that there are those who are reading the articles and occasionally interacting. I wish more of the people who have told me that they enjoy reading the blog would get a free Google account and post a few comments occasionally.

So to our readers: thank you. If you enjoy this blog, tell others about it. Write us a comment or two once in a while. I know that I've certainly enjoyed getting the comments that we have received so far, because they have caused me to explain some of my doctrinal positions more carefully and completely. And please take advantage of the links we have included on the blog. There are some great sermons, articles, and books that you can use for your spiritual enrichment. Of course, you can also track the current college football standings (Go USF!), as well as our weather here in the Tampa Bay area.

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