Monday, December 7, 2009

Looking Forward to Being a Contributor

by Joe Trofemuk

I have read and enjoyed many of the posts on Inverted Planet posted by my good friends and fellow elders Bruce and Robert (to be clear, I have enjoyed all that I have read…I simply have not read them all). Quite some time ago Bruce extended to me an invitation to turn an evening message I had preached into a post for the blog. For a variety of reasons (all mine) it did not occur.

However I now hope to begin to contribute to Inverted Planet on a semi-regular basis. I have nothing new or uniquely insightful in mind (after 2000 years of Christianity, I have no illusions that any of my thoughts are original). Yet through my current study and teaching of the book of Hebrews in the adult fellowship group I lead, I am struck over and over by how much our current American muddled state of evangelical Christianity is detached more and more from the exclusive truth claims of Scripture.

My hope by contributing to this blog is to continue to build on the work done by Bruce and Robert. If by God’s grace people are challenged or helped then God will receive the glory. If no one ever reads a single entry God will still be worthy of glory, and my own thinking will be stimulated and challenged as I seek to clearly articulate truths to add to this ongoing discussion.

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